Increase productivity by giving your team quick and easy access to all spaces.

Reserve spaces with the facility


With our room management and reservation solution you can optimize the use of meeting rooms in a tangible and very intuitive way.

We have an integrated system that allows the management of meeting rooms in a simple and affordable way, enabling:

·        Dramatically increases workspace utilization;

·        Free up premium spaces for increased collaboration;

·        Improve employee productivity that would otherwise be lost

in no-shows;

·        Room reservations and material resources;

·        Time tracking integrated with your calendar and mobile devices (check in via Mobile App);

·        Portal usage metrics with a wide range of reports that can be viewed according to the user's associated profile.

 Transform the experience with a single tap

We have a system integrated with outlook, which allows management in a simple and affordable way.

Simple and easy to use

A unique experience

Check in, create, expand and close meetings in seconds. Your stylish, purposefully built-in room panels feature an integrate card reader, bluetooth and QR code so you can touch or scan your choice.

Offer your team an easy alternative

The full power of Top Smart Control in your pocket. No matter where you are. Instantly locate a feature near your current location and streamline using the feature from your Smartphone.

Web calendar

Check in or create, expand, and close meetings in seconds. Our stylish, purposefully built-in room panels feature an integrated card reader, bluetooth and QR code so you can steal, touch or scan - your choice!


  • All structure, robustness and security guaranteed;
  • Intelligent workflow to optimize space utilization;
  • Friendly and functional multiplatform interface;
  • Bidirectional integration with all versions of Ms Outlook;
  • Quickly implementation;
  • Continuous application operating even if any panel fails;
  • Can be customized;
  • Superior support service;
  • Cheap TCO - Total Cost of Ownership.

More features to increase your productivity

Search and Filter

Find the right room for your meeting, search by location, capacity, equipment, room layout, and more. You can even set your search properties.

Categories and Colors

Use color-coded categories to organize your reservations and enable quick visual identification. Categories can also be used with workflows, notifications, and reports.

Catering and Services

Set up and manage common services such as; catering and equipment or define your own with customizable approvals, workflow and smart notifications.

Check In and Termination

Hosts and optionally participants can check in via a smartphone, swipe card or room panel. No show results in reservation being canceled to free up space.

Company Security and Performance

Our solution is backed by Amazon Web Services, whose provision of secure cloud services ensures you stay calm and continue to make your business a success.

Cloud Resources

Data is encrypted during processing and at rest with API, a powerful and complete Active Directory Integration.

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